“Diving at it’s BEST! – 3 dives a day lead by Dive Master Arthur and Boat Captain Reeves made this diving experience phenomenal. Loggerhead & hawkbill turtles, spotted eagle rays, sharks, huge groupers, huge angel fish, gorgeous sponges, sea fans, coral of every color imaginable made every dive an “over the top” experience. I do believe Dive Master Arthur called in his “sea creature entourage” to accompany us on every dive with the exception of the Blue Hole… a unique dive in its own category.
Hospitality was exceptional due to the delightful Anna, Bernard, Rita & Dyron. They have created a true “refuge from everyday life” on beautiful Long Caye. The boat trip out to the Caye along with the return was an adventure in itself. Rough seas made the going wet and took some time yet all well worth it.
Thank you all on Long Caye. Tim and I look forward to seeing you again in 2016!

– Lizbeth & Timmy

“Fantastic Diving, unique experience, wonderful staff!! 🙂 – As part of a month-long “travellers” honeymoon in central America, we wanted to fit in some diving and set out in achieving 5 days of pure, blissful diving… In hope of experiencing “the best of Belize diving” in such a short amount of days we came across Huracan Diving during our planning and booked it without hesitation. We are fairly experienced divers and our expectations for Huracan were high as well as our enthusiasm. Well ….can I just say, we were so happy with what we found at Huracan we left there wanting MORE and simply felt lucky to have had experienced such a awesome place on our travels!!
The Diving is …..yes….. brilliant…. Huracan’s location means that you are literally 5 mins boat ride from the best dive sites. By the time you get your wetsuit on, you are just a back-roll away from pristine coral gardens, fish by the billions, turtles, rays, sharks and the most amusing groupers we have ever come across! Huracan’s location advantage also means you will dive the blue hole early in the morning before anyone else arrives; Can you imagine being the only group of divers (a team of only 6 divers) in the blue hole at one time? I must also mention the most important part of what makes the diving so enjoyable – the staff – Captain Reeves is a legend and Arthur (the Dive instructor) is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Their banter and friendly approach to guests makes diving days all the more enjoyable! Our equipment was loaded/unloaded onto the boat for each dive and rinsed through and hung out to dry every evening, leaving us to stroll back to the house in complete luxury! 😉
This brings me to Huracan’s accommodation and hospitality; their ethos and aura is one where guests are part of a big family house and as soon as you walk into this place you feel completely at home. There are few rooms each of which are simply and beautifully decorated with a nautical theme and are hugely spacious with super big, comfy beds. Rooms are cleaned daily. Hot water with strong shower pressure is perfect for apres-diving relaxation and there are massive hammocks hanging around the house for afternoon naps 🙂
The food is a central theme at the Huracan House, meaning you will NEVER go hungry! Chef Darron is both talented and extremely proud of his kitchen, which means every meal feels special and is of course DELICIOUS! Meal times are a social family affair where the staff and guests are able to chat about their day and make plans for the next day’s activities and dives. Anna, the manager is a lovely, extremely friendly person who guaranteed will make sure your stay at Huracan is perfect in each and every way and tiny detail!!!!
As I am running out of space to write more, I can only say that for us this was a great part of our honeymoon and I would recommend this place to anyone in search of a unique diving experience and friendly homey atmosphere.
Big thumbs-up and congratulations to Huracan – wishing you all the best!

– Dannie & Ioannis

“We stayed at Huracan diving for 5 days this last August. It was one of the best diving experiences we have ever had. The staff was extremely friendly, easy going and very attentive. From the moment we arrived all of our gear and luggage was attended to and taken to and from the boats so we never had to worry about it. They even rinsed, cleaned and dried the equipment after every dive. The food is very good and they can accommodate any preferences.

The best thing of the trip is of course the spectacular diving. In my opinion it is the best in the Caribbean. It was an enjoyable trip and I highly recommend it.”

– Luis & Krista