Come play and explore our island! Long Caye borders the southwestern side of Lighthouse Reef Atoll – Huracan Diving Lodge is surrounded by littoral forest that extends over 2 miles south of the lodge. The Caye is 3/4 miles at its widest point and approximately 650 acres. Long Caye’s protected lagoons and mangroves provide habitat for an abundance of tropical wildlife, such as breeding fish, rare birds, sea turtles and iguanas to name a few.

Most of our guests visit for diving our pristine reef, but we offer so much more than that! We offer a trail map covering well-kept paths you can walk, jog or bicycle. Keep an eye out for the orchids, the numerous iguanas sunning themselves, heron or colorful parrots, and ever-vigilant pelican hunting the next meal, as you tour the beaches and forest. Our sunken cane barge which lies in a convenient 8’ or water just off our sunset dock affords spectacular snorkeling and photo opportunities of anemone, baby lobster, seahorse or octopus. You can also launch a kayak and tour the island, spotting birds in the trees and rays lazily gliding under you on the sand. Search out the elusive inner lagoon and explore the calm of the mangroves. Our Volleyball court is great for shaded afternoon knockabouts and is right next to the sunrise dock that catches the evening sun.

Alternatively… if that’s just too much excitement, do nothing at all… take a hammock and find your tree to relax in with a book, a game of chess, some music or just a well earned drink… Both our piers and zero light pollution make the island ideal for laying out stargazing, or listening to the ocean lapping at the shore, taking stock of the day and preparing for the next day’s dives.

Broad Eco-Guidelines are in place that ensure minimal impact on natural habitats. They allow for responsible and sustainable decisions which support the health of the diverse flora, fauna and natural processes. Surrounded by vibrant walls of coral with an associated marine ecosystem that extends for miles, this magnificent island paradise is within a few minutes boat ride to Half Moon Caye bird sanctuary, the Great Blue Hole and some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs and dive sites, including the Aquarium, Half Moon Wall and Cathedral.

Many different sustainable technologies are available and constantly improving. Solar power, rainwater collection, composting toilets, greywater treatment systems and efficient appliances are examples of the technology applicable to living within the Eco-Guidelines on Long Caye.

Staying at Huracan Diving Lodge will surely be a memory of a lifetime for anyone seeking an undisturbed, relaxing and private adventure, with some of the best diving and fishing our planet has to offer. Come “liveashore” with us!


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