Dream Jobs….

Sometimes we love being alone and secluded on the proverbial deserted Caribbean island, sharing the sky with the osprey and heron, and the land with perfectly formed coconut trees – helpfully providing us with their coconut flesh, their water and their neighbours to string our hammock between. Sometimes we wish for a bit of company… what useful function could you fulfil out here? IMG_1446We always need a bird scarer to preserve the peace and quiet of the breeze through the leaves. We’d be interested in someone to carry out an iguana census. Our guests can always use a coconut water hunter gatherer, and water consistency tester…. unnamed-5_smand assistant Carmelita could use a good rice sorter-outer. We’d all welcome a hammock Walla, who could also double as a hammock tree scout… other vacancies include conch hunter,  seahorse babysitting, someone to sort out the campfire stools by height.

A campfire drumming supervisor would be useful, as would an official campfire drumming and firespinning photographer. Of course we mustn’t forget the helicopter landing beach clearing supervisor, pumice stone carver, Royal Tern babysitter, turtle grass manicurist, pilot whale and dolphin spotter… the list goes on!