Hurcan Diving’s World Famous Dining Experience

Chef Minor, aka Mr. Fusion is very passionate about local products and produce. Hailing from the mountainous mainland, he was surrounded by local produce where his passion for flavors & cooking was inspired by his family. His travels in Mexico, Europe and other parts of the Caribbeana bring back to Huracan Diving Lodge’s kitchen a knowledge of international delights which Chef Minor will have no hesitation displaying to our guests! Known around the world for providing an ever changing array of island fusion cuisine, our Internationally trained Chef will surprise you with delicious new ways of utilizing local produce, poultry, fresh caught seafood and his own blend of spices, creative desserts and flair for cocktails will have you relishing your surface intervals… literally!

Even though the diving here is probably some of the best in the Caribbean, many of our guests return for the food we suspect, as the polished plates at the end of the meals seem to indicate.  ENJOY…..

Homemade chocolate sorbetLion fish Sashimi
Belizian Lunch
Breakfast Buffet

A variety of herbal and black tea, as well as local Gallon Jug Coffee and fresh purified water is always available to our guests, as well as a selection of fresh fruit, home baked cookies and breads. The dive boat cooler always has a selection of sodas and snacks to keep you topped up after your dives.

Our dive packages include accommodation in our King rooms with ensuite bathrooms, all your meals – Breakfast is a buffet of fresh fruits including papaya, pineapple, orange, bananas and whatever else is fresh and in season. After diving, we come back for a little snack. Lunch after our second dive or snorkel is likely to be a perfectly sized slider or two, a hearty conch soup or perhaps a fresh tortilla quesadilla. We love that our food is as entertaining as some of our guests! Our chef adds a twist to our favorites with coconuts he’ll invite you to grind, or barracuda you can catch from one of our docks. With package prices from just $990, you’ll be enjoying world class diving and 5* restaurant food on your own private eco-island!

We are proud of our country and love to showcase Belizean produce and have our guests experience local cuisine. Our chefs at Huracan Diving Lodge serve local gourmet with an international flair. Our coconut oil for flavoring rice is hand cold pressed by the Lighthouse Keeper at neighboring Half Moon Caye, our mangos come freshly plucked, in season, from our chef’s own back yard tree on the mainland whilst the conch for our ceviche is fished directly from the waters around the island. Of course our chefs like to experiment with international methods and ideas too and bring lots of tasty concoctions to the hungry divers’ table!